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I have been in the hands-on healing practices since 1996 as a massage therapist and holistic health practitioner focusing on nutrition. I know a thing or two about creating a successful massage business.

I created this blog to help other hands-on healers create a balanced practice that helps them create the income they desire, share their healing talents and make a difference without burning themselves out.

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Healers Business Building tools

Tools to help you create your dream business

Beyond the Table

Done for You Products

Explore our Done For you Products that you can use in your practice any way you want…brand and edit to create support and income beyond your hands on practice without adding more sessions

Cultivate your healing gifts without the burnout

Create the practice of your dreams

time freedom
Create time freedom

Are you just trading time for money in your practice? Wouldn’t it be nice to still make money and make a difference even when on vacation or into retirement?

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Fill your books with your dream clients

Are you a new practitioner or have you been working for someone else and want to venture into your own business? Create your practice on your own terms.

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Break through your income ceiling

Create products and services beyond the table to support your clients healing journey and create more income without adding more sessions.

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