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40 Fun ways to market your massage business

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Looking To Elevate Your Massage Therapy Game?

Market your massage business effectively with these dynamic strategies designed to expand your reach, engage diverse audiences, and solidify your position as a go-to healing expert. In a competitive wellness landscape, standing out is key, and these innovative marketing approaches will not only attract new clients but also foster lasting relationships. Explore a plethora of creative methods curated to amplify your presence and establish your massage practice as a sanctuary for holistic well-being and transformation. Hope you find some great ideas for marketing your massage therapy business.

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1. Host Free Workshops To Market Your Massage Business: Teach Basic Massage Techniques Or Self-Care Tips.

You have spent years in trainings, certification programs and continuing education classes so why not take all that wonderful knowledge and share it with your community. People are looking for the expert to help them with their problems and a workshop, either in person or online, is a great way to share your knowledge and become the go to expert.

Show off your skills, teach cool techniques, and spread the wellness love—all while attracting new clients. It’s a win-win: your peeps get to learn, you get to shine, and everyone leaves feeling amazing. So, set up those workshops, share your magic touch, and watch your practice grow with your ideal clients who are looking for your healing gifts.

2. Collaborate With Gyms Or Yoga Studios: Offer Discounts For Their Members

Partner up with gyms or yoga spots. They’re hotspots for folks looking to de-stress those muscles. Offer some exclusive discounts or perks for their members. Arrange to go in to the studio with your table and chair and get your hands on people with a sample of your work after a class.

It’s a win-win: their peeps get relaxed after a good workout, and you get to work your magic on more happy clients in a safe environment.

3. Create A Referral Program: Reward Clients Who Refer New Customers.

Start a referral program—reward your clients when they bring in their family and friends. . A little incentive can go a long way. Give discounts or a free session for every friend they send your way. It’s like a massage karma loop—more referrals mean more clients and the word will spread fast.

It can be hard to talk about your services but when others refer you…that is the ultimate compliment to your healing gifts. I have built my practice using mostly referrals.

4. Market Your Massage Business At Health Fairs: Showcase Services And Offer Mini-Sessions.

Hit up those health fairs. Set up a booth, offer mini-sessions, and spread the word about your massage magic. People at these fairs are all about feeling good, and your hands-on demos can gift them a taste of what you do and how you connect in your healing sessions.

Offer them an introductory rate to come get the full treatment for you if they book on the spot. You have a captive audience of people looking for solutions to their health issues so give them a taste and they will line up to book with you.

5. Launch A YouTube Channel: Share Massage Tips, Stretches, And Wellness Advice

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If YouTube is your jam… Share massage tips, wellness hacks, or behind-the-scenes peeks into your practice. Show the world your skills, and soon enough, you’ll have a following seeking your zen expertise!

When people have a problem and looking for a solution, they will start searching online to get answers and ideas. YouTube is a very powerful search engine that your peeps are using so why not be the one they find to help solve their problems. Create good quality content and you will quickly build a following of raving fans.

6. Partner With Chiropractors Or Physical Therapists: Share Referrals

Team up with chiropractors or physio pros. Your massage expertise complements their work like peanut butter and jelly. Exchange referrals, collaborate on treatments, and watch your client base expand.

Partnerships are like gold for your practice.

7. Offer Corporate Chair Massages: Reach Out To Local Businesses For Wellness Days

Businesses love treating their employees, and stressed-out workers love a midday massage. Set up shop at offices, give quick sessions, and watch how word-of-mouth makes your calendar overflow.

Chair massage is a great way to get your hands on prospective clients and get your card into their hands.

8. Run Social Media Contests: Engage Followers With Giveaways Or Discounts

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Get peeps engaged with contests. Whether it’s a giveaway or a fun challenge, social media can be your stage. People love freebies and interactive content. So, get creative, get them involved, and watch your followers—and clients—grow.

9. Create A Loyalty Program In Your Massage Business: Offer Discounts After A Certain Number Of Sessions

Reward your regulars. Start a loyalty program—discounts or a freebie after a few sessions. Your clients will feel appreciated, and you’ll keep them coming back for more relaxation goodness!”

10. Attend Community Events: Set Up A Booth To Introduce Your Services

Show your face at local events. Set up shop, chat with folks, and let them know about your relaxing services. These events are gold mines for meeting potential clients and becoming a familiar face in your neighborhood.

I have done fun events like networking events, health fairs, and psychic fairs to introduce myself to my community.

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11. Collaborate With Wedding Planners: Offer Bridal Party Packages

Weddings are all about love and pampering. Partner up with wedding planners to offer blissful massage packages for the bride, groom, and their squad. They can be a ton of fun sharing in someone’s special life event and you can meet some new clients who love to be pampered.

12. Create A Relaxing Podcast: Discuss Wellness Topics And Promote Services

Launch a soothing podcast. Share wellness tips, relaxation techniques, and interviews with experts. Your calming voice could be just what stressed-out listeners need.

Podcasts are a great way to share your expertise and give potential clients confidence that you know what you are doing and can help them with their pain points.

13. Give Talks At Senior Centers: Focus On The Benefits Of Massage For Seniors

Head over to senior centers. Spread the word about the benefits of massage for seniors. Offer talks, demos, and maybe even a senior-special discount. They’ve got stories to share, and you’ve got the touch to ease their aches.

14. Send Out Newsletters: Share Health Tips, Client Stories, And Promotions

Start a newsletter. Share wellness tips, success stories, and exclusive promotions. Keep your clients in the loop and entice them with irresistible offers.

Creating an email list is a great way to stay connected with your current clients, make offers, and reach new clients to introduce them to your business and healing talents. Offer a free gift in exchange for their email address and ask your current clients permission to add them to your newsletter.

15. Offer Online Booking: Make It Easy For Clients To Schedule Appointments

Make booking a breeze with online scheduling. Clients love convenience, and a simple online booking system will make it super easy for them to schedule their next relaxing session.

16. Create A Mobile App: Allow Clients To Book, Track Sessions, And Get Tips

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Launch your own mobile app. Let clients book, track sessions, and access wellness tips on the go. You’ll be right at their fingertips whenever they need some relaxation.

People love apps and it is a great way to keep in touch with your clients and potential clients. Check out the different wellness apps that are available. You can have daily tips, meditations, do challenges…the possibilities are endless.

17. Provide Gift Certificates: Encourage Gifting Massages For Special Occasions

Offer gift certificates. People love giving the gift of relaxation. Whether it’s for birthdays, holidays, or just because, your certificates could be the ticket to a stress-free day for their loved ones!”

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18. Collaborate With Athletes Or Sports Teams: Offer Sports Massage Services

Your expertise in sports massage could be a game-changer for athletes looking to recover and perform their best. I was a long distance runner and would do free talks to groups that trained together to educate them on the benefits of massage to their recovery and performance.

Athletes are a great niche to work with because they are serious about their health and their sport. If you can help them perform optimally and without injury, you will be their hero.

19. Run Facebook Ads: Target Local Audiences Interested In Wellness

Boost your reach with targeted Facebook ads. Hit up local audiences interested in wellness and relaxation. Your soothing services might just be the scroll-stopper they’ve been looking for. You can easily target your ideal clients with Facebook ads.

Try advertising a free guide or planner for self care to get these prospective clients to sign up on your email list so you can nurture them.

20. Create Infographics: Share Massage Benefits In A Visually Appealing Way On Social Media

Share massage benefits through snazzy infographics. People love quick, visual info. Make those benefits pop and catch eyes with your vibrant, informative graphics. Create an instagram or pinterest channel and start posting these info rich content to build your know, like and trust. You can easily create great looking graphics for free on Canva

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21. Network With Prenatal Classes: Educate Expecting Mothers About Prenatal Massage

Educate expecting moms about the wonders of prenatal massage. Your gentle touch could be the relaxation they need during this special time. A pregnancy massage certification can be a rewarding and lucrative addition to your massage practice.

22. Join Networking Groups: Meet Other Professionals And Exchange Referrals

Join networking groups to meet other pros. Exchange referrals, share insights, and expand your network.

Referral group is my number one source of great referrals and marketing my massage business. I prefer the weekly networking groups because your members really get to know you and what you do. The benefits of a referral group are that all the members because your sales force. You educate them on what you do and who you are looking for as your ideal clients. Those members want to refer business to you.

23. Offer Online Webinars: Teach About The Importance Of Self-Care

Host webinars about self-care and wellness. Share your expertise, engage with an online audience, and become a go-to resource for your healing modalities. Webinars are big in the online marketing arena. They are part of what is called a marketing funnel.

Announce your webinar on all your social networks, at in person networking events, and in your email signature. People love to attend webinars to get nuggets and tips that helps keep them on track with their wellness goals.

If you are don’t know what to teach or how to put together content for a webinar, check out Private Label Rights (PLR Content) that is done for you content you can edit to make your own voice and branding.

24. Sponsor Local Events: Get Your Practice’s Name Out In The Community

Sponsor local events and get your practice’s name out there. Whether it’s a charity run or a neighborhood fair, be the face of relaxation at these events. The key is to be seen and connect with your ideal clients.

Gather your health and wellness partners and organize an event. Advertise in your social media platforms, at local networking events, or even your local coffee shop. Try running a contest with your current clients to invite guests to the event and give them an irresistible prize to get them motivated.

25. Collaborate With Beauty Salons: Offer Combined Beauty And Massage Packages

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Your expertise complements their services, giving clients a complete relaxation makeover. Hair stylists are a great source of referrals because their clients will share all kinds of aspects of their lives…including all their stresses, aches and pains.

I have gotten many referrals from hair stylists and I happily refer my clients to them. BTW…hairstylists are also great clients because their jobs are so demanding on their bodies. You could even organize a talk at a salon for all the stylists to show them how your services can keep them in business longer.

26. Offer Seasonal Specials: Tailor Promotions To Different Seasons Or Holidays

Whether it’s a winter warm-up or a summer relaxation special, match your offers to the season for maximum appeal. People love a deal! You don’t have to reduce your prices…just add in a special touch that makes your clients feel like they are getting extra for their money. I have clients that wait for my special promotion emails and know that every time I send out a special I will get bookings.

Try doing a monthly theme to market your massage business and watch your books fill up.

27. Create How-To Videos: Teach Simple Techniques People Can Do At Home

Teach simple massage techniques in quick how-to videos. Help people bring relaxation home with easy-to-follow tips. Who knows, your video might just become the go-to relaxation guide.

You can post these on your website, YouTube channel, or on your social media. They don’t have to be long videos…just little snippets can provide valuable content to help your clients continue their healing journey and introduce potential clients to your knowledge and healing talents.

28. Volunteer At Charity Events: Offer Free Massages For A Good Cause

Spread relaxation for a cause and get your practice’s name associated with doing good. It’s a win-win for everyone involved. You can either set up your table or chair at the events or just offer up a gift certificate if it is a silent auction or basket drawing.

I donate half hour massage gift certificates and then ask them to upgrade to an hour when they call to make the appointment…most people opt for the upgrade.

29. Create A Google My Business Profile: Encourage Reviews From Satisfied Clients

Boost your online presence with a Google My Business profile. Encourage satisfied clients to leave reviews. An optimized profile means more visibility for your healing talents.

It is always good practice to ask for reviews and testimonials on whatever platform you are using. It is one thing to talk about what you do, but when others are doing shoutouts about your work…you will see the referrals start coming in.

30. Participate In Health Expos: Showcase Services And Interact With Attendees

Showcase your services, engage with attendees, and let them experience your relaxing touch firsthand. Health expos are gold mines for finding new clients. You have a captive audience of people looking for solutions to their health and wellness struggles.

It is one thing to talk about what you do, but when people can experience a sample of your work is the perfect way to market your massage business.

Set up a pop-up massage spot in a bustling area. Offer quick sessions to passersby. It’s a fantastic way to introduce your services to a new crowd.

I like setting up in gyms during busy times. Marketing your massage business is much easier when you can get your hands on people to experience first hand your healing touch.

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32. Offer Couples Massage Classes: Teach Partners How To Massage Each Other

Teach couples how to massage each other. Host fun and informative classes where partners can bond while learning the art of relaxation. Classes are a great way to show your expertise. You can offer the workshops for a fee and add some extra income into your massage business.

33. Collaborate With Health Insurance Providers: Offer Covered Services If Possible

Health insurance providers can offer a lucrative stream of income. More and more insurance companies are offering massage services to their clients as preventive services. I personally hope that insurance companies adopt more wellness services into their covered therapies but we are starting so see more and more preventative coverage.

It’s a win-win—you expand your clientele, and they enhance their wellness benefits.

34. Create A Blog Series: Discuss Different Massage Techniques In-Depth

Craft a series of blog posts diving deep into different massage techniques or stress management. Educate and entertain your audience while establishing yourself as the go-to expert in the healing arts.

People want to know, like, and trust in our hands on industries. A blog is a great way to provide beneficial content and a reason for people to follow your work to get to know you or continue their healing journey with you as you market your massage business.

You can add passive income to your bottom line with a blog by recommending products that you can make a commission from in your posts. This is called affiliate marketing. You can learn more about this passive income side hustle in this post.

35. Partner With Pediatricians: Offer Massages For Infants Or Children With Special Needs

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Do you have certifications in infant or children’s massage techniques? There is a great need for children services in the hands on healing modalities. Get to know a few pediatricians and talk to them about your special certifications.

36. Create A Client Testimonial Video: Showcase Success Stories And Happy Clients

Gather client testimonials on video. Showcase their success stories and the impact of your massages. Authentic experiences speak volumes and attract new clients.

Get your clients permission to post these on your website and social networks. Testimonials have a lot of power to market your massage business or any hands on services that can be very personal. Let’s face it…we get up close and personal with people and that requires a lot of trust. Hearing other’s experiences can bring confidence and comfort to your perspective customers.

37. Partner With Nutritionists: Highlight The Importance Of Holistic Wellness

Collaborate with nutritionists. Highlight the importance of holistic wellness—good food and relaxation go hand in hand. Together, you’ll cover all aspects of a healthy lifestyle. When you can provide a wellness approach to your services by referral to other holistic practitioners, your value and trust factor will elevate. It shows your clients that you care about their well being.

I have chiropractors, stretching practitioners, acupuncturists, hypnotherapists, reiki practitioners in my contacts to refer to. I happen to have a PhD in Holistic Nutrition so can already give advice on nutrition solutions.

38. Collaborate With Online Influencers: Have Them Review Your Services

Partner with online influencers. Have them review your services or share their relaxation experience. Influencers’ reach can introduce your expertise to a broader audience.

People put a lot of trust in the influencers they follow…that is why they are called influencers lol. So why not reach out to some local celebrities and go out for coffee and offer up your services. It isn’t about what you know (of course that is important) but WHO you know when it comes to marketing our massage business.

39. Create A “Massage Of The Month” Club: Offer Exclusive Monthly Specials

Launch a ‘Massage of the Month’ club. Offer exclusive monthly specials to members. It’s a VIP pass to consistent relaxation for your loyal clients. Offer a monthly recurring charge for guaranteed income every month.

Memberships are a great way to get people hooked on your treatments. You can offer a special add on every month for your VIP clients and make them feel pampered and special.

40. Create A Community Meetup Group: Focus On Wellness Discussions And Activities

Start a meetup group focused on wellness discussions and activities. Build a community around relaxation and well-being—it’s about connecting and sharing the joy of unwinding!”


As you venture into the world of marketing your massage business, remember that innovation and connection are your greatest allies. By implementing these diverse and creative strategies, you’ve laid the groundwork for expanding your client base and enhancing your practice’s visibility. Consistency and adaptability in your marketing efforts will help your practice flourish in an ever-evolving landscape. Embrace the power of community engagement, digital outreach, and personalized connections. Stay committed to providing exceptional experiences, and watch as your practice becomes a beacon of relaxation, wellness, and trust in the lives of your clients.