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10 Advantages of creating an online course

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When you create an online course, you open up many opportunities in your hands on practice. The sky is the limit when you create a source of income that doesn’t depend on your 1:1 bodywork practice. You are already sharing valuable information with your clients…why not make some extra money from that information. An online course also supports your clients healing journey beyond your table. They take a bit of work to create but you do the work once and sell on autopilot.

10 Ways An Online Course Can Benefit Your Business. 

1. Create An Extra Income.

Who doesn’t want to add extra income to their bottom line? When you are working in your hands on practice, roller coaster income is common. Not to mention…when you aren’t working on a client on your table…you aren’t making any money.

When you create an online course takes some work to get set up but you do the work once and it sells and gets delivered on autopilot to infuse more money into your practice. Once you set up the sales page, a signup button, and a way to deliver your course…your job is to just drive sales by sharing on social media, with your current clientele, or even with ads.

2. Gives You Freedom To Make Money Even On Vacation

One of the challenges of a purely hands on practice is that you have to be touching someone to get paid. Vacations can be stressful because you aren’t working so therefore not getting paid. You have to work your ass off before and after your vacation to make up for the lost income, and you are spending more money than usual on vacation than you normally do so you really have to make up for the money spent. How would it feel to be making money even while on vacation?

3. Create An Online Course Once And Sell On Autopilot

Online courses can be an evergreen source of sales for your business. When you create a course that either solves your markets problems or brings them joy, you can set it up to sell on autopilot. You don’t even need to create the course until you have signups to prove that your course is one that people want to purchase.

Once people sign up for your course you can schedule and present the course to your “beta” or “test” students. You can either create the lessons live with your “beta group” and record them or you can prerecord and deliver to your peeps. At the end of your course, you can get feedback from your students. With that information, you can produce your final product and sell it on autopilot.

4. Get Paid For What You Are Probably Already Giving Away For Free

I know you are telling your clients the same information on a regular. What do clients ask you? What complimentary methods do you educate your clients about to continue their healing journey beyond your table? Do you have other interests or skills that you want to create courses around? As long as you know your target market and how you can serve them, the sky is the limit on what you can create.

Make a list of subjects you find yourself talking to your clients about. Just sit and do a brain dump on any and all topics you would be interested in teaching about.

  • What certifications do you have?
  • What skills could you teach others?
  • What hobbies do you have that bring you joy and you would want to share?
  • What would compliment your hands on services?
  • Look online and see what others have created courses around. One great place to check is Udemy.

5. Add Value To Your Hands On Business

An online course shows your clients that you know your shit and are the expert that can guide them through their healing journey. A course can also show a perspective client that you can help solve their problems and give them a taste of your knowledge and healing to get them started on their transformation.

When people can get to know, like, and trust you…you will have a true fan of your work. Whether it is to further your current hands on clients transformation or to give potential clients a taste of your work and knowledge, a course gives added value to your practice.

6. Use To Build Authority And Be Seen As An Expert 

An online course shows your audience that you are an expert in your healing modalities. People want to know that you are the authority that can help them with their healing journey.

The work that we do with people is very personal and people put their trust in us when they put themselves in our hands. A course can help build that authority and introduce our work to prospective clients. When you are seen as an expert then people are more likely to trust you. They get a look into your knowledge and the ways you can help solve their problems.

7. Break Through The Income Ceiling That Hands On Work Creates

Let’s face it…we can only do so much hands on work before we start to burn out. For years I would try to outdo my previous year but the only two ways I could make any more money was to add more sessions into my schedule or raise my prices. I soon came to that dreaded income ceiling and that led to burnout.

An online course can break through that ceiling without adding more sessions. It can actually help you to cut back on hands on sessions so you can continue to do the work you are called to do. You can create unlimited amount of income and make a bigger difference.

Whether you are at the beginning of your hands on career, have built a full practice, or looking to retire from your hands on work…an online course can add more income to help create the life and income that you desire.

8. Save Your Body From Burnout 

If you have been in practice for a while you probably know that feeling. Our bodies can take a beating with the work we do and that can lead to burnout, injury, and a feeling of dread some days because you are just tired and have to rally to be there for your clients.

Did you know that the average career span of a massage therapist is only about 5 years? If you work full time in the industry you body can feel the wear and tear…carpel tunnel syndrome, tendonitits, blown out thumbs, neck and backpain can all be career enders.

An online course can help create a more balanced practice that you can work on your terms and continue to practice for years to come without burnout. You can work as much or as little as your body can handle because you have another source of income to help create that balance.

9. Create Deeper Transformations For Your Clients

We can only do so much for our clients in their weekly or monthly sessions. Creating an online course will help your peeps continue their healing journey beyond your table.

As healers, we are here to guide our clients. It isn’t just about giving a hands on session, collecting our fees, and moving to the next. We got into the healing professions to help people on their healing transformations.

By creating an online course, you can further their journey beyond your table.

10. Expand Your Reach With Your Gifts 

you can’t heal everyone with your hands on practice. Online courses have no limits on where a student is. I have created about 15 courses over the years and I have had over 2500 students from all over the world take my courses. It is a cool feeling seeing how far your healing gifts can travel and get into the hands of people you don’t know.

5 Step Blueprint For Creating Your Online Course

1. Know Your WHY

Why do you want to create your online course? What intent would a course serve in your overall business model? Knowing your WHY is important for any aspect of your business. It will keep you focused, even when you aren’t feeling it or doubting yourself.

  • Create extra income?
  • Attract more clients?
  • Cut back or retire from your hands on practice?
  • Make money while you travel?

2. Who Is Your Course For And What Purpose Does It Serve?

Who are your peeps? First you need to understand your audience. When you know who your ideal client is, then you can learn about what they struggle with. For example, I have created courses for menopausal women. I know what these women struggle with and I know that one of my modalities, gut health education, is a solution for their problems.

Once you understand your client and what they struggle with…you can start to design a course that solves that problem for them. If you aren’t clear about the problems your ideal client struggles with…you can always ask them.

Doing a little research before you create an online course will save you a ton of time. I have created courses in the past because I thought people would enjoy the content…but they fell flat. Just because you think someone would love your course doesn’t always mean it will sell. Do your research and start asking around. You don’t have to create anything until you know you will have customers. Once you gather the interest…then let’s create this thing!

3. Create An Online Course Transformation

Now that you know why you want to create an online course, who you will create it for and the transformation it will provide, it is time to get into creation mode.

Your transformational course will focus on one problem, one solution . You will map out your course into 4-6 bite sized modules with a step by step solution to the problem you are solving. Each module will be broken down into 3-5 steps each to guide them down the path. Sprinkle in some action steps and maybe a workbook and you have an online course.

You can either create the course live on zoom or a Facebook group as a beta course and record it. There are easy to use online course creation software either free or low cost. YOu can do a search for online course creation software to explore different options.

Once you get feedback from your beta group you can refine it and create the final version. The final version can be loaded into an email sequence, delivered in a Facebook group, or in a members only area of your website to be delivered when people sign up.

4. Create Your Irresistible Offer 

Now that you have your course created, you need to create an offer to sell the course. This is where you need to start talking to your ideal client. When you create an offer, you will be speaking directly to your clients pain points and telling them how your product or service can help solve that problem.

Talk to them like they are your friend and you are guiding them to a solution that helps solve their problem or relieves their pain. You are their guide and it is their journey that you are guiding them through to a transformation.

Check out (link to a sales page) for inspiration on how to create a compelling sales page.

5. Sell And Deliver Your Online Course

Set up your website, course platform, orFacebook group and start selling! Once you have your final version of your course there are many ways to set it up to sell and be delivered…even on autopilot.

You can set it up in a funnel system that guides your customers down a buying path.

It can be set up in an online platform like Udemy that has a worldwide reach. This is how I started my online course journey. It was cool to see where in the world my students came from. At first I just loaded up my courses into Udemy and let the platform do it’s magic to sell my course. I didn’t make a ton of money this way…because like anything…if you don’t do anything to promote you won’t see that many sales. The more effort I put into my own promotion, the more courses I sold. To date I have over 2500 students that have purchased my courses on Udemy from all over the world.

You can also sell your courses on social media, your own website, or through your email list. I highly recommend that whatever platform you use, always have a method for building an email list. With an email list, you can keep in contact with people who have shown interest in your work or have purchased a product from you to support them or let them know what other products or services you may have in the future.

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